Life is a series of negotiations. As teenagers, we negotiated with our parents to borrow the family car or perhaps for a prolonged curfew. Today, we negotiate with the employers of ours for better benefits; we negotiate with our partner or spouse for rights over the remote control to the tv and we negotiate whenever we buy an automobile. We are for… Read More

Elon Musk 's electric car company Tesla has achieved a long-held goal with the launch of the Model 3, its most affordable vehicle to date. While the vehicles tested will be fully automated, the new Code of Practice dictates there must be a manual override at all times. So Toyota is using virtual reality technology to educate consumers on their vehi… Read More

This is something I've been wanting to write for some time — a Handbook for Life. Spring is the best time to eliminate negative things from your life. Jay Ferruggia is a fitness & lifestyle consultant who has helped thousands of guys get fit, get their shit together and start living awesome lives. There are a multitude of reasons that baking can … Read More